Thursday, January 27, 2005

War of words continues - Governement is “economical with the truth”, says Randall

GSLP/Libs has said it totally rejects the Gibraltar Government’s contention that their recent statement regarding the suspension of motorcycle driving tests is either misleading or erroneous.

Opposition spokesman for Transport Lucio Randall said:

I do not retract one single word of the original accusation. It is scandalous for a Government that spends in the order of £4 million a week not to be able to even resource properly a facility for taking motorcycle driving tests.

The Gibraltar Government has admitted that the motorcycle required for the driving tests to take place was broken down and claims that it is being repaired. This in fact is confirmation of the complaints received by the Opposition from affected members of the public. The Government is being deliberately economical with the truth when it says that this has not resulted in the facilities for taking the driving tests not being available and that there have been alternate arrangements in place. If there are such arrangements now, it is as a result of the Opposition putting the issue in the public domain.

The implications of the Government statement are that the affected parties chose not to make use of the alternative for taking driving tests and instead preferred to complain to the Opposition. This is absurd. The Opposition has not the slightest doubt of the reliability of the sources of its information and considers that the reaction of the Government is one more example of the way it distorts the truth to mislead the public whenever a shortcoming in any service is brought to light.


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