Thursday, January 27, 2005

VOGG call on Caruana to publish 'Straw letter'

Local pressure group Voice of Gibraltar has called on Chief Minister Peter Caruana to seriously consider publishing Jack Straw’s letter underpinning the latter’s understanding of the tripartite forum.

In a statement the group also calls on Governor Sir Francis Richards to “advance his ‘bridge-building’, between London and Gibraltar, by requesting the F&CO to categorically confirm that the Brussels Process and Joint-Sovereignty proposals are dead and buried.”

Spokesman Paul Tunbridge said:

We will continue our campaign of protests and actions until such time as the ‘Spanish Dimension’, with all its baggage, is consigned to the bellows of Hades and Gibraltar is decolonised by the exercise of its people’s inalienable right to self-determination. All attempts to establish good neighbourly relations and regional co-operation, bereft of sovereignty concessions, must be fully supported.
However, meaningful dialogue must not create ‘undercurrents’ of osmosis nor mortgage the Rock’s future to Spain. Terms and conditions for this must be clear-cut and not susceptible to varied elucidation, as is the case now.

The Voice of Gibraltar also described Mr Caruana as the “Ayatollah” who “time and time again, enlightens all and sundry with his ‘translations’ of the neighbours’ every statement and comment.”

The group has also called for “transparency and unambiguous language, something ominously lacking to-date, at least from those that the Gibraltarians expect to do so.”

Voice of Gibraltar Group added:

In the meantime, the F&CO sits on the fence, awaiting a favourable wind. The obvious question is: which interpretation do they share? After all, the ‘Spanish Dimension’ has many possibilities and/or probabilities. Maybe it is allowing the Palacio de Santa Cruz its last ‘coletazos’, prior to a gracious climb-down that enables the ‘tripartite’ forum to get off the ground. The only way the Spaniards will distance themselves from the long-surviving process is if they believe that the annexe to the European Constitution provides them with so much more room to manoeuvre than the former did.


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