Saturday, January 29, 2005

UK "Freepost" does not apply in Gibraltar, says Gibraltar Post Office

Gibraltar Post Office has said it has noticed with concern a significant increase in postal items which are being posted in Gibraltar without any postage stamps and addressed to the UK and other destinations, and sent as “Freepost”.

A spokesman for the post office said:

Many of these items are included in Business Reply pre-printed envelopes, which state on the face that no postage stamps need to be affixed to them. For the avoidance of doubt, the general public is reminded that UK Business Reply and Freepost services do not apply to Gibraltar.

The public is informed that if such items are posted in Gibraltar without being prepaid in Gibraltar postage stamps, they will be returned to sender if the name and address of the sender appears on the back of the envelope, in accordance with postal regulations. If there is no return address for the sender, items of this sort will not be forwarded to destination and instead they will be destroyed.

Local mail addressed to Gibraltar addresses and included in a specially preprinted envelope which indicates that it can be sent by Freepost will continue to be delivered free of charge. However, only items included in pre-printed Freepost envelopes will be treated in this way. Other items which do not conform with these requirements will be treated in the way prescribed by regulations.


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