Thursday, January 20, 2005

Threat of stoppage hits Health Service

Gibraltar Government has been put on notice that unless they receive a formal reply to a series of outstanding claims by staff at St Bernard’s Hospital by Friday January 21st, a state of industrial dispute will be declared by the TGWU in the Gibraltar Health Authority.

Health workers are aggrieved by what they consider to be “the unfair treatment” they are getting from the Government and say that for instance, a number of allowances nurses in geriatric wards are entitled to are being ignored by the administration.

ACTS Nursing Section chairman Michael Netto yesterday declared that a withdrawal of cooperation and goodwill in the transfer of the hospital to Europort was one of the options being considered.

Meanwhile Mr Netto said health workers were dismayed that all the decisions related to the new hospital “were being taken by the Chief Minister Peter Caruana on the basis that since this is a local issue he takes the decisions.” Mr Netto further stated that if “things continue as they are, the new Chief Executive David McCutcheon, will pack his bags and leave.”


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