Thursday, January 27, 2005

Reactions in Spain - Juarez calls for environmental study into Eastside Project

Mayor Juan Carlos Juarez has declared that the announced Eastside development in Gibraltar should incorporate an environmental impact assessment of La Linea’s coastline.

In a statement issued yesterday, Sr Juarez said that although this was a matter for Gibraltar, the magnitude of the project was such that it could have an effect on the overall environment.

Environmental and geographical issues have little to do with flags and it is important for us to know whether the Eastside land reclamation project will cause any damage to our coast, he declared yesterday.

Sr Juárez added that this issue should be included in the list of items for friendly discussions between Gibraltar and the Mancomunidad so that the technical study is carried out in order to reassure Campo authorities, including him. He added:

I sincerely hope that the Gibraltar Government understands this request and that the environmental impact study reflects Gibraltar’s interest in safeguarding the coast and any potential repercussion on La Linea’s maritime environment.


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