Friday, January 14, 2005

Port Mortem in CBF Case - Commodore White drowned

Royal Gibraltar Police yesterday made a statement in which they revealed that the result of the Post Mortem carried out by Dr Jerreat, Forensic Pathologist, into the cause of death of Commander British Forces, Commodore White was death by drowning.

The RGP, who confirmed that the results of toxicology tests are still to come from Britain, also said that an inquest will be held in Gibraltar in due course. The full report on the post mortem has not been released. An inquest would decide on the cause of death and examine the circumstances.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Defence confirmed yesterday that a low key funeral ceremony will be held this morning at the Naval base before the body is repatriated to Britain.

Meanwhile the MOD are expected to announce the new CBF later today.


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