Saturday, January 29, 2005

Pension Working Group meeting in London

A meeting of the working group on pensions which was established under the trilateral process of dialogue on 16 December 2004 between the British, Spanish and Gibraltar Governments was held yesterday in London.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

This meeting provided an opportunity for discussion, clarification and exchange of information between officials of the three governments. Our officials made clear that they were willing to provide information to enable all concerned to have a better understanding of the background and facts relating to the issue and restated the Gibraltar Government’s well known position in the matter. It was agreed to hold a further meeting later this year.

Meanwhile CITIPEG, a breakaway organisation of former Spanish workers on the Rock yesterday held a public meeting in La Linea that was attended by some 20 pensioners. CITIPEG are demanding improved employment and pension rights for Spanish workers in Gibraltar and timed their event to coincide with the talks going on in London.

CITIPEG are backed by the trade union UGT (Unión General de Trabajadores) and by the local Moroccan Community Association who in turn are seeking their support to campaign for the setting up of a Tangier ferry link from La Linea.


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