Monday, January 17, 2005

Over 100 people receive Sport Development awards

*Gibraltar people were very good at understanding the value of sport
Over 100 sports men and women have received sports development awards from Sports Minister Clive Beltran. A special award ceremony was held at the John Mackintosh Hall on Thursday evening where the certificates were presented to sporting personalities from most sports who completed a number of courses including leadership, coaching, and refereeing awards, many of them young people and some well established personalities.

In his address, Sports Minister Clive Beltran, emphasised how sport was an extremely important part of life in any community and pointed out how in Gibraltar people were very good at understanding the value of sport.

“Proof of this is the high number of participants that we have across the board,” he stated but added that important as participation was two other hugely important aspects of any sport also had to be competition and health and safety.

“These require technical knowledge and expertise of the sport, any sport, and this is achieved through courses in the different aspects of leadership and coaching. Bad advice from a badly informed coach can lead to poor performance by an athlete or what is worse, the athlete suffering an injury.”

In encouraging all present to continue in their personal sports coach development he thanked everyone in the Sports Ministry who continued to work hard to help achieve the standards required, and all the volunteer in different capacities who dedicated their free time to the service of sport.

Mr Beltran stated that good coaching was crucial for sport at all levels – from the Sport and Physical Education teacher in schools to leaders and coaches of junior, senior or national teams.

“You are the people who motivate, encourage and inspire and make a difference. With concrete evidence, as we have here this evening that so many are interested and involved in coaching, we can build on our Sports Development Unit initiative and encourage even more people to get involved and to increase the percentage of people coaching who hold a recognised qualification.” Mr Beltran said he believed that coaches were vital to increasing not only success in sport but also participation in sport.

“I am delighted that we are moving in the right direction across the community as a whole involving young as well as senior citizens,” he said but added that there was much that could still be done.

“We are committed to working hard in the Sports Ministry, with all our partners, through initiatives such as the Summer Sports Programme as well as the variety of coaching courses that you have now completed so successfully,” he declared and promised that further opportunities would arise once the whole of the Bayside Sports Complex development was completed.

The awards were as follows: Community Sports Leadership Award – 19 people completed this and other short courses. Junior Sports Leadership Awards – 17. Speed Agility and Quickness SAQ Level 1 Football coaches – 21. British Weightlifters Level 1 and 2 Awards – 10. ASA Full Teacher Award (swimming) – 5. Assistant Teachers Award (swimming) – 4. ASA Club Helpers Award (swimming) – 5. RLSS (Royal Lifesaving Society) National Rescue Skills Award – 11. Cricket Level 1 Coach Award – 8. Tennis Level 2 Coach Award – 2. SAQ Diploma – 1 (first to be gained in Gibraltar). 10 Pin Bowling Level 1 Award – 2. 10 Pin Bowling Level Award – 1. Basketball Elite Coaching Award – 8. Basketball Level 1 Coaching Award – 10. Basketball Orientation Level Coaching Award – 12. Basketball Orientation Referring Award – 20. Basketball Level 2 Referee Award – 1. Basketball Level 3 Referee Award – 2. UK Athletic Level 1 Coaching Award – 19.


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