Monday, January 24, 2005

Opposition denounce cuts in Social Services Programme

Bruzon attacks Govt spending on “parties and trip”

GSLP (Gibraltar Social & Labour Party)/Libs has expressed concern at the decision by the Social Services Agency to cancel an induction programme that was introduced to create a pool of supply care workers for children in care. In a statement to the Chronicle, Opposition spokesman for Social Affairs Charles Bruzon said the service had been cancelled because of lack of funds.

Mr Bruzon said:

It is completely unacceptable that Government always seems to introduce cuts in spending in those areas which affect the most vulnerable. If less monies were being allocated to such things as parties, trips abroad and conferences, there would be more than enough money to meet social needs.

The Agency advertised vacancies for Supply Care Workers, on the 3rd November 2004. It is extraordinary, that having interviewed and selected applicants, they are then invited to participate in an induction programme designed to last for five weeks, and subsequently it is cancelled after one week because the Department run out of money.

It is inconceivable that the Government that claims it is not short of cash, should be unable to find the comparatively small sum of money required, to complete the five week induction programme, when, on the other hand, it spends vast sums of money in other less important areas. It has to be assumed that the Agency must consider that there is a requirement for such a pool of workers to be available to meet the needs of the Service, when the decision was taken to place the advert and invite applications in the first place.


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