Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Man arrested on drug charges

R G Police have arrested a man on several drug charges as part of Operation Barracuda.

An RGP spokesman said:

“On Friday 14th January 2005 Drug Squad officers intercepted Matthew Trigell 34 of no fixed abode, during the operational phase of Operation Barracuda. Trigell and his vehicle were searched and the following drugs were found concealed inside: Twenty-two grams of cocaine, 1,425 grams of cannabis resin and 78 grams of amphetamines.

Trigell was arrested by Police for the various drug trafficking offences. He was subsequently charged with three counts of possession with intent to supply the said amount of drugs. At the time of his arrest Trigell was accompanied by a seven-year-old child.

He was kept in cells pending his court appearance yesterday and has been remanded in custody at HM Prison for a period of a week. The street value of the drugs seized is approximately £6,000 and a four- wheel drive vehicle has also been seized. Operation Barracuda was conducted with the support of H.M Customs Drugs Dog Search Team.


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