Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Government rejects charge with ‘1996’ dig at opposition

Social Services controversy

Gibraltar Government has rejected suggestions that cuts have been made in the Social Services department and condemned the Opposition for issuing what it describes as “misleading and incorrect statements, purely on the strength of hearsay and rumours.”

A Convent Place spokesman said:

Government reminds the Opposition that when they left office in 1996, Bishop Healy Home was run on a shoestring budget with a compliment of three assistant house parents, irrespective of the number of children in care at any given time. On the occasions when it was considered absolutely necessary to use supply workers, these were literally picked off the streets, without proper vetting or training.

It is clear from Mr Bruzon’s remarks that in his rush to criticise Government, he has not even bothered to establish the facts surrounding his claim that induction courses delivered to supply workers within the Children’s Residential Service have been cancelled due to lack of funds.

In addition to eradicating the stigma attached to institutions of this kind by providing and resourcing small flats in the community, we have created a list of supply workers and gave each person on the list an appropriate induction course. This continues to be the case today.

The Opposition’s statement is therefore simply untrue, and can only be seen as a cheap attempt to score political points. Induction courses have not been cancelled and continue in line with the funds allocated for this purpose by the Social Services Agency.


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