Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gibraltar's 3rd Chess Festival plays its first move

by Alice Mascarenhas

The first move in the 3rd Gibtelecom Chess Festival Masters was made yesterday at exactly 3pm.

The festival is being staged at the Caleta Hotel until 3 February which yesterday proved a flurry of activity. The boards are laid out in the main conference room of the hotel where silence will reign over the next weeks.

Chess players and amateurs can log in on the website – to see live pictures of competing Grand Masters with live commentary from Stuart Conquest.

Around 180 players from 32 countries have been attracted to this third international competition including the current world number 9 Grand Master Alexi Shirov from Spain who can be seen playing in the picture with the world’s number 18 Alexey Dreev from Russia.

Stuart Ruben, third time organiser, of the festival, even in his quiet and calm manner, is unable to hide his pleasure at the growing success of the festival. He said:

It is already recognised as one of the main chess events world-wide. In the first year we were born, last year it was a child and this year it has perhaps reached its adolescent stage and matured. It is well known in the chess world and many want to participate.

During the festival there will again be challengers and amateur tournaments for players of all levels. There will be a tournament for children on the 5 and 6 February.


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