Friday, January 28, 2005

Gibraltar hits a recordd low temperature of 10 celsius!

Cold weather sweeps in

By Alice Mascarenhas

It was wrap up – and still feel the cold yesterday. “Isn’t it cold today…” proved to be the opening line to every conversation as temperatures remained just above freezing. There were even icicles on the shrubs at Devil’s Tower Camp still there at midday. In town a temperature gauge in the middle of Main Street read 6 Degrees Celsius throughout most of the morning. But it was the temperature experienced from Thursday night to Wednesday morning which proved to be a record breaking low for January.

Not surprising when the temperature at 9am yesterday dropped to just 1 Degree Celsius it was the lowest ever recorded. In fact the lowest since measurements began in 1949 - more than half a century ago.

“To be exact the minimum temperature of 1.0 Degree Celsius occurred this morning at 9.06am,”
Jim McGhee Principal Met Officer at RAF Gibraltar told the Chronicle yesterday.

The main reason we are experiencing this is because the upper and surface weather patterns are bring cold air from Siberia right down across Europe and even into North Africa,” he explained.

Tangier had already recorded zero degrees Celsius on Monday night. It was expected to be another cold night last night similar to or perhaps even lower than Wednesday night. The minimum temperature today expected to be around 2 Degrees Celsius.

It will slowly warm up over the weekend - during the day it will still be sunny with clear blue skies and temperatures up to 12 or 13 Degrees Celsius.


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