Friday, January 07, 2005

Gib Red Cross Appeal Fund reaches £183,000

The Gibraltar British Red Cross South East Asia Appeal Fund stood at £183,372 last night. Yesterday £150,000 was transferred to the International Red Cross account in London. The Red Cross is today holding a flag day for the disaster areas as the fund continues to receive considerable support.

Bassadone Group have donated £25,000 and Logistable Limited a substantial sum. The Philatelic Bureau donated £2,000; Trico Printers have donated £1,100, plus the 19,000 stickers which will be used in connection with today’s Flag Day; the Kaycee Foundation £2,000; the GSP another £2,000; the Bassadone operatives who entered the ‘Mad Max’ vehicle float in the Cavalcade donated £1,100 and the wider Bassadone Staff have donated a further £2,000; GBC are donating 5p in every ticket sold in connection with their popular TeleBingo Programme, which should represent some £2,000.00 and will be in addition to the substantial donation made from their Open Day Fund earlier on in the week; the Casino are donating the proceeds of a Bingo Night to the Fund, with the added opportunity of organising a special Raffle, the Bingo should raise some £3,000.00 and the Government have kindly agreed to waive the £500.00 Tax duty.

The Bucket Collection carried out during the Three King’s Cavalcade raised £5,442.43. The proceeds of today’s Flag Day collection will be counted by a group of retired businessmen and bankers, organised and led by Charles Sacarello. They will be headquartered at Peter and Rosie Isola’s house, who have given over their dining room etc for the purpose.


Two phone lines for people wishing to donate money to the Gibraltar Red Cross South East Asia Appeal have been set up - £1 donations can be made by phoning 8991, or £3 by phoning 8993. The cost of the call will be donated to the Red Cross account with Barclays.


• World leaders vow closer cooperation on aid for tsunami victims
• U.N. chief calls aid effort a “race against time”
• Japan urges debt moratorium
• WHO warns disease could double death toll to 300,000
• World leaders support Indian Ocean tsunami warning system
• EC pledges another 350 million euros ($462 million)
• Powell says U.S. likely to increase $350 million aid
• Fresh tremors hit Banda Aceh


• Annan:
“What happened on 26 December, 2004, was an unprecedented global catastrophe. It requires an unprecedented global response ... It is a race against time.”

• WHO:
“If basic needs ... are not urgently restored to all populations by the end of this week, WHO fears that outbreaks of infectious disease could result in a similar number of fatalities as occurred due to the direct impact of the tsunami.”

• The Pope:
"While I renew my prayers for the young victims of the earthquake in Asia, I do not forget those children who are victims of hunger and sickness, war and terrorism, or of those children kidnapped, lost or exploited in vile trafficking.”

• Sudirman, a butcher reopening his business in Banda Aceh:
“This is more than a curse. Allah is very angry. And we must be resolute."

• Dana Lakshmi, south India:
“Sometimes, I am lost. I wonder if we will live like this forever, if we will ever rebuild our home.”


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