Monday, January 31, 2005

EU Commission investigates possible breach of Free Movement Rights

Pensioners rights in Gib and Community Care

The European Directorate-General for Employment has been contacted by former Spanish workers working in Gibraltar -pensioners at present - with a similar case to that of the British pensioner who was seeking Community Care funds (Dominique Searle reports).

The British pensioner’s claim was rejected last week although the Commission questioned the compliance with free movement of workers and people’s rights.

The Commission has confirmed that its services have had several exchanges of information with the UK authorities and say that the information received gave a clearer indication of the issues involved and that the relevant services of the Commission have started to analyse the whole issue under the scope of the Community law on free movement of workers and the social security systems.

The Commission told the Chronicle that it has not yet taken a decision. Nevertheless, the Commission stressed that it has the right to take action in this field if the outcome of its findings reveal an infringement to Community law.

“We are not yet at that stage, as the thorough analysis of this is going on.”


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