Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Brussels ‘Not Buried’ says Leon

Airport ideas “in spirit” of 1987 Agreement

The 1984 Brussels Agreement is not buried but - despite the view in Gibraltar – “Spain must strive to show that it is very much alive.”

That was the view expressed by Spain’s secretary of State for Europe Bernardino Leon in an interview with ABC. The remarks come as the PSOE Government is seeking to calm the storm raised by the Spanish Opposition the PP that accused the Zapatero Government of selling out on the Gibraltar claim.

Sr Leon also said that if sovereignty comes to be dealt with “we would have to return to that process to speak exclusively with Britain.” He suggested that the PP had failed to grasp the policy being pursued by Madrid.

“With issues like Gibraltar a Government cannot be experimental. It is trivial to think that we would deal with serious issues like the sovereignty of the Rock ignoring the Treaty of Utrecht and the traditional Spanish policy towards the colony.”

Meanwhile in Andalucia Salvador de la Encina, PSOE MP said that an agreement on joint use of the airport would have the same “spirit” as that of 1987.

Sr de la Encina said that in the first place any agreement reached involving Sr Moratinos would be political in nature and the practicalities would follow. Sr Moratinos is due to visit the Campo over the next four weeks. Sr de la Encina also condemned statements being made by his PP counterparts as lamentable.


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