Thursday, January 27, 2005

AquaGib workers consider further action

AquaGib employees, infuriated by statements made by their boss Manuel Perez, are meeting this morning to plan the next stage of their industrial action over their claim for maintenance of differential with public sector equivalent grades.

The workers demonstrated peacefully outside No. 6 Convent Place and the House of Assembly yesterday and produced copies of their correspondence and claims on this issue dating back months.

In a written response to the AquaGib management, TGWU branch officer Charlie Sisarello points out that the union has been pursuing the issue of pay differential between company employees and their counterparts in Government for a long time. He says these were established in 1991 when they employees moved from Government to the company. The letter states that in September 2001 they had agreed to:

Re-establish differentials that existed at the time of the company’s formation between company pay and equivalent grades in government; That the percentage differential agreed at the time of the company’s formation be applied in respect of each grade; Revise spine points and salaries to produce new pay scales; Revised salaries to be backdated to April 1 2001.

The letter also says that there was an agreement to review these on an annual basis to ensure the appropriate differentials are maintained and that future pay awards would be based on maintaining parity with the public sector. Mr Sisarello calls for these matters to be enforced to avoid recurring clashes.


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